Terms and Conditions

Rules & regulations :

The rules and regulations provided here are applicable to all visitors who are visiting the site Verve logic.com. While accessing the site you have accepted the rules and regulations of the company. Verve logic has the right to change the rules & regulations from time to time. If the company finds any one violating the rules and regulations then the company has the right to seek all remedies applied according to the law. These rules and regulations are applicable to the visitors visiting at present and in future.

The company reserves the right to terminate services of anyone who purchased service for their unlawful attitude.

  • Delivery of the first page will depend upon the price and delivery time chosen at the time of placing the order.
  • For every additional page, it will take 3 to 8 working hours depending upon the price and delivery timeline chose and the complexity with the design.
  • The development team is available from Monday to Friday 0500-1400hrs. GMT.
  • The estimated timeline may increase depending upon the software implementation chosen and the number of pages.
  • The prices for additional markup options are discounted by 50% for inner pages.
  • If a page is not delivered on time then it is due to lack of proper communication.
  • For designing a page whatever we produce is a dummy page and is not a copyright and whatever material that we put on the site is from Google. If anything is chargeable then you have to pay for it.
  • Software development the SRS, the document would be charged according to the need as it could be charged on the basis of total work done or according to hourly basis.
  • At times the logo designed are not unique because there are same logos found.

    **Additional notes :
    The standard price per page would not be applicable and additional charges would apply in cases:
    • Where there is heavy use of JavaScript on the page.
    • Where there is heavy use of Ajax.
    • Where the height of the page is more than the standard height 768px.
    • Where there is heavy use of PNG images in the design.
    • Where CSS3 conversion is required.

Legal Disclaimer :

Vervelogic carries the copyright and other intellectual property law of all the information that is available on the website. The information is not authorized to use for any other purposes. Without prior information from Vervelogic.com visitors are not allowed to modify, distribute, publish, transfer, sell or transmit any material from the site. Anyone found violating the law will be punished as per the intellectual property law. All information published on the site is subject to Indian Law. User when access to the site they are governed by law applicable from center, state and local law.

If you hire Vervelogic for your offshore work and you are found contacting the person working individually then Vervelogic has the right to send you a legal notice as per the company’s norm and the loss the company might get from you.

Privacy Policy :

Vervelogic.com maintains and respect your right to confidentiality and the company is liable to protect the privacy of any individual visiting the site. If any personal information of yours is with us then we would treat it as a policy. You will be always informed by us whenever we collect your personal information for whichever purpose. We don’t reveal your information to any third party. However we can contact you anytime through the contacts you have sent respecting your privacy. Even email can be sent to the mail id provided by you.

Fees & Payment :

You are liable to make the payment to Vervelogic at times of purchasing of services. All fees are immediately due at the time of purchase and are non-refundable unless otherwise expressly noted. Payment can be made by you through paypal and cash transfer through bank. For domestic offshore clients payment can be made via paypal.