Our Awards and Certifications

Since our inception, we have managed to establish our excellence with serious hardwork and commitment. Further, this hard work is testified with the awards and certification that we achieved and expect to achieve even more in coming years. We have received awards from some of the top research firms of the industry

Top Seo
Vervelogic has been awarded with best search engine marketing company by independent authority on search vendor.
Best Search
Vervelogic was awarded with no.1 ranking for the year 2011 in search marketing world.
Vervelogic testifies genuineness! We are a registered government company.
Top Advertising & Marketing Agencies Clutch Baltimore 2018.
adword search
Vervelogic believes in gaining a complete knowledge for the industry. Adword certification was offered for successfully passing fundamental and search advertising exam conducted by Google Adwords.
10 Seo
Vervelogic has obtained the top ranking in their list of digital marketing leaders.